Evelyn 2013
Gender Female
Hair color Black and purple
Eye color Black
Born December 27th
Age 16
Nationality American
Hometown Mackay, Idaho
Family Father, Mother, Sister
Sexuality Straight
Relationship None
Friends Cheyenne, Deborah, Junior, Spencer
Enemies Abbey, Britney, Riley, Kimberly, Sienna, Violet, Whitney
Fear Heights
Talent Drawing, Running
Nicknames Ev
Voice Actor TBA
Evelyn, labeled The TBA, is one of Lulu's Characters.

About EvelynEdit

Growing up, Evelyn was always the odd-one-out. She never really fit in with the rest and was always isolated in many things. During her middle school years, she became really dark and started to become gothic. However, while Ev is usually alone and creepy, it doesn't mean that she isn't tough. Evelyn was one of the best at her schools track team and she never gives up on anything.