Cheyenne 2013
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark Brown
Born August 15th
Age 16
Nationality Cherokee
Hometown Cherokee Reservation, North Carolina
Family Father, Mother, Uncle
Sexuality Straight
Relationship Sergio (attracted)
Friends Alexis, Ben, Ingrid, Sarah
Enemies Melissa, Sienna, Violet
Fear Bears
Talent Singing, Cooking, Whittling
Nicknames Chey
Voice Actor Katy Perry
Cheyenne, labeled The Cherokee Pacifist, is one of Lulu's Characters.

About CheyenneEdit

Growing up in a troubled Cherokee reservation in the east, Cheyenne was constantly inbetween fights with her father and mother or her father and uncle, due to her fathers drinking problem. Cheyenne vowed to never hurt anyone like her father did. Cheyenne has a way different way of talking to people and she'd much rather spend time alone because she's very shy. She isn't very good under pressure and gets frantic when she's under pressure. Cheyenne is a hopeless romantic and will fall for the people you'd least expect. Most of the time her feelings get the better of her and if she's not careful it might ruin her chance at the game. 

Cheyenne signed up for Total Drama, because she wants to help her family pay the rent, because they're on the verge of losing their house.


  • She is my only Native American/Indian character.
  • She isn't good under pressure.
  • She usually crushes on people that are different looking and not normal.